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About Us


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Since its official launch in 2006, FBR has been successfully delivering incisive conferences focused on the Finance & Telecommunication Industry.

Complimented by Roundtables, Trainings and Field Trips, our events provide practical and specific advice in all areas, helping drive improvement and development of participating companies. Organized in close co-operation with leading telecom experts our conferences enjoy a strong reputation for their rich content and as business meetings between buyers and sellers.

Headquarted in India and with the regional offices in UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Kenya and South Africa we are uniquely positioned to deliver timely, topical and engaging events and secure best networking environment


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The remarkable strength and courage of the Falcon have inspired mankind throughout the ages. In ancient times the battles between the sun and the clouds were considered as battles between Falcon and a serpent and the Falcon was held in awe and praised for its majestic figure and superb qualities.

It was the only bird believed to be capable of staring at the sun and fly over clouds. Eagle was the personal emblem of the Caesars who represented supreme authority. Hunting with an eagle was an outstanding sport in Europe but it was permissible only for the kings and monarchs. Falcon is also the national bird of UAE and is a symbol of force and courage, recognizing the importance of falconry in Arab tradition and culture.

It is the symbol of a passion, vision, an ambition, an ideal the Falcon is seen high above in the heavens and is endowed with exalted spirits. The Falcon is fiery, majestic, vigorous and robust whose kingdom is the boundless and never-ending sky.


Welcome to Our Event & Conference Services

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  • Delegates

    Delegates are the architects of our events. They decide who should present on what topic.

  • Speakers & Trainers

    We work with some of the best experts in each sector. We are also fully open to submissions of new ideas.

  • Sponsors & Exhibitors

    We invite carefully selected solution providers, whose inspiring products we want to share with our delegates, to join our events in various capacities.

  • Media

    Unlike many other business events, our events are fully open to general and trade media as well as relevant freelance journalists. Contact us to find out more.